Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 1 Reflections

This week was a series of new things for me- first experience of online discussion Nicenet, starting to blog, and facing for a long time in front of a PC screen. It was like walking in a forest with a lamp at night. I'm still not sure whether I could survive this week or not. When I cleared one step, I felt what's next. It is far from enjoying the web operation. However, thanks to kind support, I managed to come here.
Without this opportunity, I would not even try blogging though most of my students do blogging. I know I need change, so I feel glad that I was forced to challange new things. Without change, no improvement. I appreciate this opportunity very much. 


  1. well I agree with you It has been a hard week of working I've also lost a lot trying to create the blog and then post messages in Nicenet. All this has been a challenging work but it worth. Now I feel more motivated I got to do most of the work and now I know how to blog I am taking more time to think how to make my blog more creative and useful for other people.I have enjoyed a lot learning new things.

  2. Great blog Kaori and i am glad to comment in your first post.
    Yes i agree with you and Vilmita about the experience that we all going to get from this course.

    I want to add that when you and Vilmita talking about the enjoyment and motivation that we get during our work is the most important thing which make our work reaching the aims of integrating this tools in our classrooms more effective teaching environment.

  3. Hello Kaori,
    Welcome to a new bloging experience! It was probably hard to begin but the outcomes at the end of the course will be rewarding. If yor need any help just ask maybe I can help or someone else will probably do.
    Welcome again and I am so glad to be in this course with you.

  4. Hi Kaori .

    your blog is nice.I am restarting to get in touch with everyone since I did not introduce myself to everyone last week. I hope
    you enjoyed week 2 as much as I did. I i wish you a good third week.
    Best rgard,

  5. For a first blog this is very stylish! I think you are very brave to challenge yourself and try something completely new. Ask you students to help you, I think they would like that! :)