Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 3 reflection

I tried Delicious tool for the first time this week. The registration was very easy, but it is not clear how to link my favorite web sites, so I copy and paste the URL. I believe there is some function to link by just click. I tried delicious button to move to tool bar by dragging several times, but it doesn’t work. I wonder why. I feel I'm learning new tool.

I read some project which had done in the past, and I could get some concrete image toward “project”. I’ve learned most is their clear objective settings. Well, I’m shaken up by their project and feeling in trouble because I still cannot decide what kind of tool I will use, on what purpose I do action research, how I should carry out my project…I cannot narrow many possibilities to one.


  1. Hi Kaori
    I go through what you post and found that most of our colleagues are the same where it come to the first time using Delicious :)
    best regards,

  2. Hi Kaori, try dragging the booklet mark to the bookmark tool bar, which is the one you can see when you get online. On my computer it's directly above whatever site I'm on and right below the space where you would type in a website address. If you try dragging the booklet mark anywhere else, it won't work.