Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 2 - reflection

 This week I’ve got flu since Monday and I have to be absent from my school. I could not take care of my little children, what a terrible week for my husband and me! Nothing will start by complaining…Now I’m OK. At least I can write my blog like this.

 I would like to put my thanks to people who gave me comments. Thanks a lot. This is my first blog, so I didn’t know how happy when I get comment from someone! Also, I thank e-learning system itself! Even I was sick at home, I still can learn something new.

 This week I learned how many search engines are on the Internet! They broaden my world for certain. I’m ashamed that I used only Google and did not think about other engines at all. Very often I need supplemental information about a topic covered in a textbook. Especially I am not familiar with science, NSDL will help me a lot. It will be my treasure.

 In addition, I got new idea – abcd method. That’s the way to set objective in a class. The objective should be observable and assessable, which is the important point for me to think about well. It is because I tend to set the unvisible objective like “understanding the usages of relative- clause”. What is more meaningful for me is that I could notice I put two or three objectives in one activity. By using abcd method, I can sharpen my intention why we do an activity. I myself can know my objectives clear. I mixed goal and objective many times. This notice is harvest for me. I need more training to think by using abcd method, though.

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  1. Hi Kaori,

    I am really sorry to know that you have got flu this week. I hope you feel better by now.

    I agree that internet can make you feel that you are at school because you can access anywhere and anytime. I also agree with you that ABCD method of writing learning objectives can help us to be more specific about what we want the students to learn from an activity. I also used to write three objectives together thinking it's just one.

    Have a nice day!