Friday, March 16, 2012

Week 10 reflection

This is the last week of Webskills course. I really appreciate everyone in my class. All of you gave me good ideas, encouragements, some tips, and professional suggestions. These are my treasures which I got here.
I tried LoTI, and I got a result. I agree with that. I know I’m going to teach more student-centered with using more technology in the future.
Well, yesterday it was decided by Osaka city Board of Education that I will change the school from this coming April. It is a new senior high school and there are projectors in every classroom and students are interested in business and economics. I need to arrange my project plan for new school and new students, but I’m excited about that. In the new school, I definitely believe I can make use of the knowledge I’ve learned here.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 9 reflection

By making the Project, I reflected what I've got during these 9 weeks. There are some tasks I've done and it gives me some confidence.
In discussion we discussed issues related with multiple intelligences. There is a topic about handwriting. In Japan, many elementary students learn calligraphy (it is regarded as an art) because we should write words beautifully in my culture. Naturally, handwriting is encouraged by teachers, until the end of high school. Yes, it’s very old-fashioned and I don’t think it is bad. Yet, I think students need to use other different tool, a computer, too. In most places in the world, now people use both handwriting and computer. Why should they learn only by a pencil and a notebook? We, teachers need to use computer as a tool and show them by teaching in any subject. English, why not? English class will open the door to a broad world. Then it is not unusual to teach English using a computer, which will broaden students’ world. If we, teachers, cannot use a computer effectively in class, there is no choice. However if we can, we can choose when and where we use the tool. That’s the point, I think.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Project Planning - Thank you so much!

I finally finished the project this week. I didn’t teach this term, so I would try my plan as soon as possible and want to see how students react and what things will happen. Thanks to my partners’ advice, I could make my project more concrete. I really appreciate Anna and Vilma.  Partners’ points of views deepen my idea more. Thanks a lot. And of course, all the classmates give me ideas to plan this project through discussion, blogs and tasks. Thank you for your fruitful cooperation.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 8 reflection

I wrote the first draft of my project. I don’t teach last February and this March, so I planned it in my head. Therefore some points might be not realistic. To guess my students reaction was the most difficult part because their reaction would be various.

What I was impressed is how useful some online tools are. AVILL has lots of possibilities to use in class or outside of class. I would like to share the information with my co-workers and discuss the usage of the tool.  In my school, several teachers teach English for one grade, so English teachers need to work as a team.  The tool will supplement our teaching style focusing on reading and writing. In our head, we know the lack of speaking practice. Such practice will improve their reading or writing skills, too. Each skill is related and we need foster integrated skill in order to be international people. 

Survey making was also refreshment for me. New students will enter my school from this coming April, and I’m excited about that. Now I’m planning the new students’ English course. At the beginning of English class, I can carry out the survey and know students’ needs and readiness. This is also helpful tool and the spread sheet makes me easier to collect the data and put them in order. What a wonderful thing! Tools should help us.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

week 7 reflection

This week I reflected how I have learned English and how I became an autonomous learner. When I set a future goal, I became to study independently. Setting clear goals will be a big motivation.  But not all the students are like me. I need think about various types of students in front of me. It is a big issue for teachers how learner can be autonomous.  

Also, we made one-computer classroom activities. I said there is no Internet access in a classroom but I can use my laptop computer offline in classroom. Presentation soft can be used in a offline classroom, so I made an activity to make a presentation. It was fun experience for me because I hadn't a doubt I cannot use a computer in a classroom because there are no Internet access. But there are some things I can do without Internet access! I'm glad to learn by this course and I realized I need to be flexible.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 6 reflection

It was a good practice to make interactive Power Point because I used power point as a presentation assistant for me. It expanded my imagination how I introduce power point and when is suitable and I asked myself why I need to use it and what to teach.

I have no course to conduct my project this term so I'm planning my project with my PC and imagination. I wish I had my students and classes to carry out my project.   

Originally, the reason I applied this web learning course is that I am not good at using technology tools in my school and I seldom have information about what kind technology we can use and how they can help us in class. Now I know a lot. I’m really glad to have learned many practical things through this course. Although I got excited about that, I must not forget the first point. How can technology help our teaching and students’ learning? I will keep it in mind and consider my project carefully.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

About teaching large classes

I am usually teaching large classes (40 students in one class), so reading assignments for this week are very useful and practical. For me, it was surprising that many ideas are extended from ideas of teaching small classes. It means basically the number of students is not the main problem, but the basic idea is common – to face students sincerely and trust their ability to learn, at the same time not to forget to keep encouraging them to go forward. Of course, teachers have more things to pay attention in large classes. However, teachers can interact with them because they are there, just in front of you.
Thanks to the Internet, teachers can share many ideas for large classes. I’m glad to know that this week. We should not be afraid of making change to our classes. We need consider well how to teach, but should not hesitate to give it a try and see what happens. It will give another idea to challenge.