Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 9 reflection

By making the Project, I reflected what I've got during these 9 weeks. There are some tasks I've done and it gives me some confidence.
In discussion we discussed issues related with multiple intelligences. There is a topic about handwriting. In Japan, many elementary students learn calligraphy (it is regarded as an art) because we should write words beautifully in my culture. Naturally, handwriting is encouraged by teachers, until the end of high school. Yes, it’s very old-fashioned and I don’t think it is bad. Yet, I think students need to use other different tool, a computer, too. In most places in the world, now people use both handwriting and computer. Why should they learn only by a pencil and a notebook? We, teachers need to use computer as a tool and show them by teaching in any subject. English, why not? English class will open the door to a broad world. Then it is not unusual to teach English using a computer, which will broaden students’ world. If we, teachers, cannot use a computer effectively in class, there is no choice. However if we can, we can choose when and where we use the tool. That’s the point, I think.

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