Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 8 reflection

I wrote the first draft of my project. I don’t teach last February and this March, so I planned it in my head. Therefore some points might be not realistic. To guess my students reaction was the most difficult part because their reaction would be various.

What I was impressed is how useful some online tools are. AVILL has lots of possibilities to use in class or outside of class. I would like to share the information with my co-workers and discuss the usage of the tool.  In my school, several teachers teach English for one grade, so English teachers need to work as a team.  The tool will supplement our teaching style focusing on reading and writing. In our head, we know the lack of speaking practice. Such practice will improve their reading or writing skills, too. Each skill is related and we need foster integrated skill in order to be international people. 

Survey making was also refreshment for me. New students will enter my school from this coming April, and I’m excited about that. Now I’m planning the new students’ English course. At the beginning of English class, I can carry out the survey and know students’ needs and readiness. This is also helpful tool and the spread sheet makes me easier to collect the data and put them in order. What a wonderful thing! Tools should help us.

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  1. Hi Kaori

    I am sure that the planning of your project is going to turn out just great. It is true that we never know the results, so we have to simply guess or wait and see, but I am sure that you will be able to put it into practice once you start classes.