Friday, February 3, 2012

Week 4 reflection

This week I could learn a lot about reading, writing and vocabulary. I thank some web sites for saving my time and giving new ideas for my classes. Of course, a lot of plans are not useful because of the level setting, classroom setting, the class size, or the contents itself. It may be some time loss in a sense, so we need to find our favorite and useful sites under our classroom conditions. As a learner, I recently have a problem to expand the active vocabulary, so I’m glad to learn some tips for building my vocabulary.

I reflected my class and found many issues. I feel there are some problems for my class but when I made a report to put for NICENET, I could realize those issues objectively. This was a good opportunity for me to know where I stand now and what I am facing with.

As for making a technology sample plan, I planned what I haven’t done before at all. It was exciting work because my imagination went freely, with remembering students’ faces. Do they enjoy this? Will they learn something as I planned? Can they do presentation in English? It is always fun to consider these things. I want to try the plan right away, but shamely my classes were over in this term. In April, new term will start, so I can do try and error. Of course I should not forget to know my students’ needs first.  anyway I really enjoyed this week.


  1. Hello Kaori:

    I enjoyed the week too. I believe we are really having a great experience in this course. Each week we are improving our knowledge and gaining good experiences that then, we will be able to share with our students. I am on my holidays too, but I am keeping these experiences until March, when classes start again.

    Best regards.

  2. Thank you Denise. I feel learnig something is more fun as an adult than as a teenager.
    Have a nice holiday!
    Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Kaori,

    I really agree with you that some websites save teachers time by giving well planned lessons and activities.
    I wish you luck in trying your plan to see how it's going to work with your students.