Sunday, February 26, 2012

week 7 reflection

This week I reflected how I have learned English and how I became an autonomous learner. When I set a future goal, I became to study independently. Setting clear goals will be a big motivation.  But not all the students are like me. I need think about various types of students in front of me. It is a big issue for teachers how learner can be autonomous.  

Also, we made one-computer classroom activities. I said there is no Internet access in a classroom but I can use my laptop computer offline in classroom. Presentation soft can be used in a offline classroom, so I made an activity to make a presentation. It was fun experience for me because I hadn't a doubt I cannot use a computer in a classroom because there are no Internet access. But there are some things I can do without Internet access! I'm glad to learn by this course and I realized I need to be flexible.


  1. Dear Kaori

    It is true some some students set goal for their learning but the problem come the student has goals but economic status at home mainly (poverty) interfere his/her goals. This has been common in most of the developing country, some parents do discourage the own children from learning, so teachers should be aware of the situation and think alternative way of promoting their students autonomy otherwise we end up producing a product which only completed the syllabus but not autonomous.


  2. Dear Nyinondi,

    Thank you for your comment. That's right. I should have considered the situation in developing countries, too. Even in Japan, a few students give up learning because they have to work for their family. I agree with your comment that we should be careful not to be tied up with the syllabus.