Wednesday, February 15, 2012

About teaching large classes

I am usually teaching large classes (40 students in one class), so reading assignments for this week are very useful and practical. For me, it was surprising that many ideas are extended from ideas of teaching small classes. It means basically the number of students is not the main problem, but the basic idea is common – to face students sincerely and trust their ability to learn, at the same time not to forget to keep encouraging them to go forward. Of course, teachers have more things to pay attention in large classes. However, teachers can interact with them because they are there, just in front of you.
Thanks to the Internet, teachers can share many ideas for large classes. I’m glad to know that this week. We should not be afraid of making change to our classes. We need consider well how to teach, but should not hesitate to give it a try and see what happens. It will give another idea to challenge.  


  1. Dear Kaori,

    my respect goes to teachers like you, who teach such large classes and manage to do it successfully. For me teaching 20 students already seems like a big number and quite a challange.
    I am glad to hear that you are not afraid of experimenting and trying out new things. Trying new, even sometimes seemingly crazy ideas, have brought a lot of variety into my class as well.
    Good luck in your teaching,

  2. Dear Lina,

    Thanks for your comment. I'm encouraged by your positive opinion toward larage class in your blog. I agree with you because there are some merits in larage classes. Good luck in your teaching, too.


  3. Dear Kaori:
    This is already Week Six, but you are the second person whose blog I am following. :P
    I totally agree with what you said here. No matter how skillful the teachers can apply different strategies, the teachers won't be able to really touch the students' heart without devotion. One of the leaders from my country used to share his junior high school days saying that, " I don't remember a thing in the textbook that my junior high school teacher taught, but I still remember that he told us to be a decent person." I am trying hard to improve my students' English, but I also hold in high value their personality.
    I love tea as well. Tea from Taiwan is different from that from Japan, but does have wonderful taste and soothing smell.

  4. Hello Kaori

    Just like you I have a class of 40 students and like you say sometimes the number of students is not the problem. I think we have to consider other aspects like their learning styles, their straights and weaknesses using English language, their interest and motivation. Sometimes they feel really motivated to learn but sometimes they feel the opposite, Anyway to get a change I think we should encourage our students to participate in cooperative work and with the use of new techniques try to make our classes more active and interactive.