Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 6 reflection

It was a good practice to make interactive Power Point because I used power point as a presentation assistant for me. It expanded my imagination how I introduce power point and when is suitable and I asked myself why I need to use it and what to teach.

I have no course to conduct my project this term so I'm planning my project with my PC and imagination. I wish I had my students and classes to carry out my project.   

Originally, the reason I applied this web learning course is that I am not good at using technology tools in my school and I seldom have information about what kind technology we can use and how they can help us in class. Now I know a lot. I’m really glad to have learned many practical things through this course. Although I got excited about that, I must not forget the first point. How can technology help our teaching and students’ learning? I will keep it in mind and consider my project carefully.

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